About the Publisher
Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) is one of the UK’s leading Evangelical publishers. Previously a publishing wing of Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), and now under the management of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), IVP produces, thoughtful respected, evangelical books for the digital age.
About the Book
Author, Rick Richardson believes that deep healing from God is available through prayer, learned and practised within the Christian community. God is able and willing to lead us from hurts to wholeness, in our spiritual and emotional lives and in our relationships. In this book Richardson helps us to receive this gift of healing, and to learn how to pray effectively for others.

Creative rational
The book design employs a rich tapestry of blues for its visual setting. Type and image integrate with each other to form sense of unity and wholeness. The images are rich in symbolism, water for healing and refreshing, the dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the circular diverging lines point to the healing power of God.

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