The voice study is a five year research project aimed to develop and test a communication training intervention for healthcare professionals (HCPs) caring for people with dementia (PWD) in acute hospitals. Improved HCPs communication skills will reduce distress and challenging behaviour, improve dignity and patient experience and their inclusion in decision making.
The VOICE study looks at how healthcare professionals could improve their knowledge, confidence and skills when communicating with patients with dementia. It led to the development of an evidence-based communication skills training course.

Creative rational : Identity
The identity symbolises voices linking together to create more effective communication. The use of contrasting warm and cool colours points to the differences and contrasts of patient and professionals. The locked jigsaw symbolises the desired out come of purposeful understanding in communication in the acute setting.

Creative rational : Promotional Material
A maze within the brain echo's the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in communicating to people with dementia. There is a way but it takes skill and perseverance to find it.

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