About the company
Engineering modelmakers to a number of European and International clientele, Lawsons were founded in 1982 and provide high quality services to the defence and engineering industries as well as exhibition models and prototypes. Their modelmakers support clients such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Orbital ATK on order to bring their ideas to life by use of accurate scale models and prototypes which are then displayed worldwide.

Creative rational
Originally the company came to me with a request for a new brochure and an exhibition banner. The designs where created to reflect the skills and precision that model making requires.  Bold type and effective photography make the brochure and exhibition banner stand out. Simplicity and visual balance give the designs a sense of authority and gravitas.  The skill of the model maker models speaks for itself, white space lets the design breath and communicate its all important content  clearly.

Personal add on
I created the logotype identity as a personal project. The identity incorporates the company initials into spring loaded dividers a traditional measuring tool used by model makers. The brand identity whilst presenting a contemporary crafted finish also suggests tradition and history echoing  the fact that the company has been established since 1982.

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