Wave Alchemy wanted to promote a new sample pack inspired by the Pearl Syncussion SY-1 is an extremely rare analogue drum synthesizer originally manufactured in 1979 by Pearl Musical Instruments. It is capable of producing a huge palette of percussive sounds, powerful kicks and experimental sound effects which carry a vintage sound inherent to its unique drum synthesis methods and extremely raw sounding oscillators! Syncussion Drums captures the Pearl Syncussion’s unique sonic character by offering no less than 1885 carefully recorded 24-bit drum samples.

Creative rational
I created a brochure that would show off the unique sound capabilities of this retro piece of kit. A moody colour palette reflects the vintage 24 bit drum samples created using the Pearl Syncussion SY-1. A grunge style overlay on the control button, helps the cover to speak of retro. The image on the back cover inspired by angled photography used in the end credits for 'Thunderbirds' adds to the retro analogue sounds. The brochure holds a tension between old and new, gritty yet high quality.
Business flyer for Wave Alchemy promoting a rare analogue drum machine

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